Our Story

Cleverkey Consulting Group, Inc. was founded in August 2017 by driven individuals who realized people deserved more from the consulting industry.  Specifically, the founders believed that consultants and clients could be better served by being more transparent than other firms, which would lead to better experiences for both consultants and clients alike.  After countless conversations over several years, the founders put their combined years of consulting and industry experience together and formed Cleverkey Consulting Group, Inc.

Our Purpose

Cleverkey Consulting Group, Inc. is focused on providing highly skilled resources to businesses in an effort to help them overcome challenges they are faced with.  Our consultants bring a wealth of experience from companies ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 levels in a variety of industries.

Our Philosophy

Cleverkey Consulting Group, Inc. firmly believes in building relationships with great people.  For us, the cornerstones of building those relationships center on respect, integrity, and transparency.  Whether those relationships are with clients, consultants, or our own internal staff, we aim to add value and enrich the lives we are fortunate enough to be a part of.  We truly care about meeting our clients’ objectives.  We truly care about providing meaningful employment and benefits to our associates.  But most importantly, we truly care about how we execute the mission because results are essential to everyone’s success.

Let us be the key to your success.